In Hands Meant Productions Inc. (DBA Enhancement Productions) - "In Hands Meant for Praise"
Our Fans and Our Reviews:
Our Music is being played in the following countries: Currently, Brenda Campbell and Unlimited Praise is blessed to have two current projects  which extends via the radio and throughout the United States and abroad to such places as through the Jango medium which has the capacity to reach large masses: Trinidad Tobago, Benin Nigeria, Lagos Nigeria, United Kingdom, Malaysia, France, Canada, Panama, Antigua, Barbuda, Germany, Ghana, Netherlands, Cayman Islands, Virginia Islands, Liberia, Guyana, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Barbados, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Macao, Republic of Korea, Romania, Ukraine, Jamaica, Colombia, Bahamas, China, Dominica, Poland, Europe, Paraguay, Senegal, Kuwait, New Mexico, Turkey, Lithuania, Greece, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Alaska, Costa Rica, Qatar, Bermuda, Malawi, Belgium, Kenya, Israel, Ireland, Uganda, American Samoa, Philippines, Taiwan, Province of China, Egypt, Sweden, Finland, India, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Honduras, Thailand, Oman, Curacao, Australia, Qatar, Latvia, Mexico, Brazil, Palestinian Territory Occupied, Vietnam, Slovakia, Guatemala, Anguilla, Namibia, Ecuador, Réunion, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Hungary, Cameroom, Ukraine, Columbia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Belize, Morocco, Grenada, Slovenia, Indonesia, Albania, Dominic, Rwanda, Denmar, and  Norway to name a few. The music online can be found I-tunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Charisma Books, CD Baby, and other online music internet special music programs. Words cannot express how happy we are to make such an impact. But yet there are still audiences that are still unaware of Brenda Campbell and Unlimited Praise’s full music potential. 

 Therefore one of the of the new God’s Love Joy Project is to reach an even greater mass of audiences through television, radio, video production and the internet.
Our Music is being played in the United States: