In Hands Meant Productions Inc. (DBA Enhancement Productions) - "In Hands Meant for Praise"

 Enhancement Productions) (In hands meant for praiseis a Christian enterprise of believers, who are anointed to prepare individual and collective talents and gifts for the work of the preserving valuable cultural artistry, refinement and leaving legacies of new and creative modes of fine arts.  

 This program faith based and is designed to provide enrichment to adults, youth and children in the community who seek opportunities to feed the mind, body, and spirit with special gifts and talents. 

Through this effort, Enhancement Productions expects to transform the fine arts industry by building a reputation where the community and audience base can benefit and enjoy the Productions'  ultimate novices and achievers who both appreciate and practice their God-given creative arts skills at the highest and unique level of excellence possible.  Members will be educated on the creative and innovative ways of spiritual growth and development and how it taps into the various ministry gifts and talents given to us by a higher power. Members of this Foundation will exercise a free and creative synergy that explores all areas of preparation, and exaltation through various mediums of Fine Arts.
Enhancement Productions will demonstrate through each of its participant’s Presentations, Productions, Recordings and the Product Arm of Enhancement Foundation, Inc., that the catalyst for reaching the highest level or peak possible of music and the arts industry is right around the corner for future success if participants just look toward their source more intensely.
The vision for this program involves learning spiritual and bible teaching principles, training, outreach, community involvement concerts, outdoor cultural activities, recordings, recitals, conferences, stage plays and theatrical production support.  This area offers to share more about the importance of understanding why the participant is performing and who gave the participant the talent. It also allows the participant is also to remind us that our dreams can come true.
Our entire team of professionals committed to meeting the mission of this entity and incorporates a new level of kingdom and legacy building for the next generation as we continue to improve the artistry of each participant. The Enhancement Productions arm believes that the Higher one has all power to do exceedingly more than what we can ever ask for, for participants are encouraged to reach their unlimited potential
Individuals are able to freely work on creative projects through individual artistry, bands, choirs, trios, ensembles, dance, plays, video, audio, visual and technical production and release parties. All participants through extensive rehearsals, pre-production planning prepare a product or project for either a benefit concert or show for audience and/or community recreational and entertainment enjoyment via debut concerts, stage performance, radio, recording, television, internet, webinar, stage, theatrical productions, outdoor cultural activities and various promotional events and activities.   Enhancement Productions produces and sponsors Brenda Campbell and Unlimited Praise. Other artists are being sought at this time.
Performances will be held nationally and internationally to serve two purposes: first to promote artists and other fine arts talents and secondly to benefit needs of further medical and research endeavors for various health program initiatives. These performances will serve to fulfill cultural fine arts and outreach entertainment activities a diverse purpose for legacy building and of unique genres of artistry in music, and other art forms.
Enhancement Productions has released two projects to its credits. Praising the Lord with Brenda and Brenda Campbell with Unlimited Praise. The music production of our second project defines the “Real Praise” of Contemporary Gospel, Traditional Gospel, and Spiritual music genres. 
Currently, Enhancement Productions is in its preparatory stages for a new project entitled the God's New Love Joy Project. See more about our Love Joy Project on our website. And please click God's  New Love Joy Project for more information.Funding is being requested to fulfill the obligations that are necessary to ensure the success of the recording product and community concert.


Please Listen to a recent interview with Ginger on her show called Sing to the King early in January of 2014. The music portion of the show will be available soon. We hope you will enjoy the interview.  The Music portion will be uploaded soon. May God Bless You and keep praying for us.
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SING TO THE KING - Brenda Campbell & Unlimited Praise
Ginger Cornwell (musically known as Ginger On Sax) showcases Brenda Campbell & Unlimited Praise.

Praising the Lord with Brenda
Jesus the Rescuer
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 Brenda is now on Sound Cloud. Go write your comments


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