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Our Commitment to Ministry

We are committed to serving God and the needs of our audience and spiritual gifts. Using universal principles of spirituality, we offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life through music and praise. Where ever you may be on your spiritual path, you will find spiritual growth and enjoyment through song.

We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy in Jesus Christ - at every point in their and encourage personal, professional and spiritual growth through prayer, and active service through our various ministries and community. We invite you to become a member of our team - allowing God into your life through our various musical programs and community outreach efforts that you are exposed to by just being a part of our family. this text to start editing. Use this space to describe your products and services to visitors. Double click the icons to choose one that represents the product or service you are highlighting.

Our Music

Our Current Music Projects are:

  • Praising the Lord With Brenda​
  • Real Praise
  • The Lord Will Never Leave You

The Enhancement Productions Welcomes You!


An Up and Coming Project

“We are calling your support and love.”

Featuring Some of the Best.

Gospel music traces all the way back to the 18th century. The heavily repeated, call-and-response style was influenced by the spirituals. Contemporary gospel music started often referred to as the Dorsey Era. Thomas Dorsey was considered "the Father of Contemporary Gospel Music." His style featured shouts of praise and emotional enthusiasm. It was James Cleveland a Gospel singer, under Dorsey's direction that bridged the gap between traditional gospel, and today's gospel music. It’s Enhancement Production’s Leader Brenda Campbell’s desire to bridge a musical gap that closely explores traditional and spiritual beginnings of gospel and contemporary music that captivates various musical instrumentations that our Lord God desires for His praise and honor from our hearts.


This exciting and refreshing new project will bring unique insights to God’s Spirit, and Word through music. The decision to complete this project is based on (1) the love, joy and peace that God gives to her whenever she sings before Him, (2) the history and evolution of gospel music legacy that will facilitate a new message that will adorn traditional, spiritual, praise and contemporary gospel by incorporating Brenda’s and other collaborative renown musical and vocal arrangers: mime, dance, gospel and other forms of musical integrations.


Maurice Scott, Vince Evans and many others who will bring enhancements to Gospel that will transform a audience view, while still respecting the value, contributions and importance of gospel music from those who initially paved the way (3) using talents of all ages to include youth, young adult choirs involved with a university, college or church, Unlimited Praise and seasoned artists that will embrace and align the overall Enhancement Production’s vision for this new style of Gospel Jazz music while rendering an additional repertoire of extraordinary vocal capabilities and choreography to further enhance the musical renditions and video project.


Although funding is needed for this project, but it is also important to know that portions of the proceeds will go toward the new music school that will further artist musical talents and sponsorship to the school especially for those that are less fortunate. This production recording arm Enhancement Production will require the purchase of musical equipment and recording equipment. there will be various benefit concerts where partnerships are being established with organizations that have strong research needs to address some of the nation’s most critical healthcare problems and social epidemics.


The God’s Love Joy project will pay musical tributes to some of the world’s greatest musical legends and artistry to include: the late Thomas Dorsey, Mahalia Jackson, the Winans and Whitney Houston. Others will include Tramaine Hawkins, Andre Crouch, Richard Smallwood, Steve Cole and Roberta Flack. The songs of this project will embellish praise and God’s real message to his people concerning Love and Joy. The result of this project will encompass the completion of a CD/DVD presentation that will preserve real worship, at its greatest level possible. It is our goal to receive constructive feedback for future projects online.


This new project started its preparation via rehearsals and pre-production are beginning now. The expected debut release music concert and video will be forthcoming. Other venues for performances will be scheduled.


We will introduce this new era of music via live ministry, radio, television appearances, talk shows and throughout the country and abroad through an intensified marketing campaign designed to help us to be good stewards the resources that we are entrusted with while bringing people closer together and closer to Christ and help them to tap into their talents. We cannot do this without your help.


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